Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lincoln's Labels - Another Nice Review

Long before I started my own Civil War-related blog, I avidly followed several others; one of those was Andrew Wagenhoffer's "Civil War Books and Authors." Primarily devoted to book reviews and announcements of forthcoming releases, Drew's posts are - without fail - thoughtful, insightful, and informative (my favorite part is when he annotates his own reviews with additional scholarship the author might have missed, etc.).

It was a real privilege, then, when Drew agreed to look at my first book, Lincoln's Labels: America's Best Known Brands and the Civil War (Edinborough Press, 2008). Drew posted the review last week, and I couldn't be more pleased:

"...Lincoln's Labels is an interesting introduction to the impact of the Civil War on business entities (and vice versa) directed at a general audience...While written in an informal, storytelling fashion, an examination of Schmidt's bibliography reveals a serious research effort...A lively, out of the ordinary work,
Lincoln's Labels is a fine introductory survey of the understudied intersection of the business enterprise and military aspects of the Civil War."

Drew has given special attention to university presses, self-published books, and small publishers. I'm so happy, then, that he also had some nice things to say about my publisher, Edinborough Press (Roseville, MN)

"This book marks my first exposure to Minnesota publisher Edinborough Press and I am impressed with their professional presentation and material quality. Small presses like these have always been essential to the breadth and continued health of Civil War publishing."

I agree, of course. Still, even if you don't buy Lincoln's Labels, I'd encourage you to visit the Edinborough catalog, as more than half are directly related to the American Civil War.

Thanks, Drew.

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