Patent Medicine Collection

Readers of this blog know that one of my passions is studying and collecting 19th-century and early 20th-century patent (aka quack, proprietary, snake oil, etc.) medicine bottles, packages, and ephemera.

Below I've collected my previous posts on the subject including a lot of images of items in my collection.


Bottled and Packaged Medicines:
Septicide - Milwaukee, WI - here
G. W. Aimar - Charleston, South Carolina Druggist (including collection of Collection of Greg Brownlee) -here and here
New York Medical University - "Cancer Plant" and "Katalpa Extract" (Collection of Charles Aprill, MD) (here)
Gavitt's System Regulator (here)
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills (here)
Burdock Blood Bitters (Collection of Ferdinand Meyer V) (here)
Converse Treatment for Epilepsy (here)
Dr. Thacher's Liver and Blood Syrup (Part I here) Part II (here)
Chamberlain's Colic and Flatulence Remedy (PtI
here) (PtII here) and (PtIII here) (!)
Poor Man's Friend and Holloway's Ointment (
Dr. Blosser's Catarrh Remedy Cigarettes (here)
Berry's Barb Beater (Veterinary  Patent Medicine) (here)

Dr. Reuben Greene - Indianopathy Pamphlet and 1860 Letter - here
1899 Letter from "Septicide" to Customer - here
Antebellum Life Insurance Documents - here, here, and here
4-part series on Druggist G. W. Aimar - Charleston, South Carolina (here, here, here, and here!)
Mrs. C. M. Morrison - "Wonderful Healer and Clairvoyant" - here and here
Robert W. Powers - Richmond, VA Druggist - 1877 billhead - here
1858 Letter to Perry Davis & Co. - here
Hollis Spice Bitters Label - here
3-part series on New York Medical University ("University Medicines") (here, here, here)
5-part (!) series on W. W. Gavitt Medicine Co. - Topeka, Kansas (here, here, here, here, here)
Politics and Quack Medical Advertising - Barry Goldwater Campaign - 1964 (here)
1858 Dr. Asher Atkinson's Universal Family Medicines Catalog (here)
1851 Letter - Poison - Get Me Some Strychnine! (here)
1868 Letter from New York Medical University (here)
1800s New England Doctor Receipts and Records (here)
1864 Letter from Union Navy Engineer to Dr. E. B. Lighthill (here and here)
1862 Letter Between Patent/Homeopathic Medicine Dealers (here)
1868 Letter from Barden's Condensed Family Specifics (here)
1840/1850s Handwritten Salve Recipe (here)
Converse Treatment for Epilepsy - Letters to Customers (here and here)
C. H. Mason Vegetable Cancer Compound - 1908 Letter (here)
Burdock Blood Bitters - 1883 Letter to Customer (here)
1800s Patent Medicine Billheads and Invoices (here)
1842 letter on medical alternatives (here)

1927 Letter from Clairvoyant/Magnetic Physician (here)
Quack medicine Advertising Disguised as Military History (Pink Pills) (here)
Civil War-Era Patent Medicine Revenue Stamps (here)
Patent Medicine-Themed Civil War Patriotic Covers (here)

More Medicine-Themed Civil War Patriotic Covers! (here)
Lincoln Tea Company - Abraham Lincoln Book (here)
Politics and Elections - Quack Medicine Style! (Hood's Sarsaparilla) (here)
Dr. T. B. Cox's Stomach Restorative - Civil War Soldier Testimonials (here)
Subway Sandwiches and Victorian Painkillers - (Perry Davis and 1860s Trademarks) (here)

Patent Medicine Almanacs: 

New York Medical University ("University Medicines") (here)
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills (here)
Helmold's Extract Buchu (here)
Herrick's Pills (here)
A. L. Scovill Products (here)

Burdock Blood Bitters (1889) (here)


Part I = Introduction/Bitters (here)
Part II = Holloway's Pills and Ointment (here)
Part III = Abraham Lincoln and Patent Medicines (here)
Part IV = Civil War Veterans and Patent Medicines (here)


Houston Bottle Show 2012! (here)
Interview with Matthew Knapp - "Antique American Medicine Guide" CD-ROM (here)
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