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New York Medical University - Part III - "Bottles and Extras"

University Medicines Cancer Plant Bottle - Collection of Charles Aprill, M.D.

One of the really great things about the bottle collecting community is that they are so generous in sharing advice and photographs of items in their collection!  I have met so many great people at bottle shows, over e-mail, or on one of the great bottle collecting groups on Facebook.  Many times (most times, actually!) I may not have a bottle to match a piece of ephemera in my collection, but someone is always at the ready with one in their collection, and often a rare one also!

Such is the case with this last part in this 3-part series on Dr. J. Walter Scott's "New York Medical University" and his "University Medicines"!  Parts I and II are here and here.

Dr. Charles Aprill of New Orleans, LA, provided some great photographs of rare labeled University Medicines in his collection!

University Medicines Bottles - Collection of Charles Aprill, M.D.

University Medicines Katalpa Extract Bottle - Collection of Charles Aprill, M.D.

Emboosing on University Medicines Bottles - Collection of Charles Aprill, M.D.

Also, expert postal history collector David D'Allesandris provided photographs of a rare "University Medicines" revenue stamp essay (an "essay" is a design for a proposed stamp submitted to the postal authorities for consideration but not used, or used after alterations have been made).  Per David's excellent website (here):

The University Medicines essay was approved by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on February 2, 1871; however, no stamps were issued. This was likely due to the death of Mr. Scott. On March 9, 1870, Joseph Carpenter wrote to University Medicines to express his regret upon learning of the death of Mr. Scott, and to remind the company of the outstanding balance due Joseph Carpenter for engraving the essay. (David also concludes that the face on the stamp is likely that of Dr. J. Walter Scott):

University Medicines Revenue Stamp Essay - Collection od David D'Allesandris

Also per David:

"Although no stamps were issued to University Medicines, the company’s handstamp cancel is known upon 2nd issue proprietary stamps."

He kindly provided a photo:

University Medicines Cancel on Proprietary Medicine Revenue Stamp - Collection of David D'Allesandris

"University Medicines" came in both bottles and packages.  David also kindly provided a photograph of a University Medicines package from his collection and an 1873 almanac as well!

1873 University Medicines Almanac - Collection of David D'Allesandris

Univeristy Medicines Medicine Package - Collection of David D'Allesandris
Readers will recall in part I included an excerpt of an 1869 New York Times article reporting strong charges against Dr. J. Walter Scott.  I'm nothing if not fair, so here is a rebuttal from Dr. Scott printed in the Times later that year.

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