Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lincoln's Labels Book Giveaway Contest #2 - Wedding Daze - UPDATED!

Here is another contest for "Lincoln's Labels" advance review copies and more!

There is an entire chapter in Lincoln's Labels: Best Known Brands and the Civil War about the interesting and important role that Tiffany & Co. played in the Civil War. Tiffany’s set aside its world renowned bracelets and brooches and made way in its store for swords, flags, and medals…one wartime Tiffany salesman wrote in his diary that “business in the diamond department is slow, but we are very busy in gold braid and cutlery”

That said, they didn't completely set aside their other finery and they were often the first stop for the upper class when it cameFont size to special and expensive wedding gifts.

During the Civil War, there were many high-profile weddings, but at least two really stand out for the prominence of the bride and groom and also for the contributions that Tiffany's made to the wedding in either gifts or jewelry.

The first correct answers to either of these questions via a blog comment, Facebook e-mail, or regular e-mail (schmidtjamesm at gmail dot com) gets a free advance review copy of Lincoln's Labels!

Good luck!

Wedding #1 - This wedding took plac in 1863 between a Washington socialite who married a New England governor. Abraham Lincoln attended the reception! The groom purchased a Tiffany jewelry set for his new bride of diamonds and pearls that set him back more than $50,000! Who were the bride and groom?

Wedding #2 - This wedding also took place in 1863. The groom was a "General" and his best man was a "Commodore" who had once wooed the bride but lost the contest. President Lincoln did not attend the wedding but did receive the newly-married copule at the White House. Tiffany and Co. gave the couple a beautiful silver carriage as a wedding gift. Who were the bride and groom?


Thanks to everyone who participated! I received several correct answers (most of them through the book's Facebook page!) on both questions and will contact the winners by e-mail. And the answers were...

Wedding #1 - Bride = Kate Chase (daughter of Lincoln's Treasury Secretary Slamon B. Chase); Groom = William Sprague (Governor of Rhode Island, 1860-1863, and U.S. Senator, 1863-1875). Sprague's wedding gift to Kate was a tiara of matched pearls and diamonds from Tiffany & Co. that cost more than $50,000. Harper's Weekly described it in great detail in the November 26, 1863 issue, with an engraving. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce in 1882, in no small part due to Sprague's drinking, speculation, and womanizing.

Wedding #2 - Bride = Lavinia Warren; Groom = "General" Tom Thumb; Best Man = "Commodore" Nut; all of them were in the employ of 19th-century showman P.T. Barnum. The wedding was also featured on the cover of Harper's Weekly (February 21, 1863). Tiffany & Co. presented the couple with a maginificent miniature silver horse and chariot, describe by the New York Times (February 11, 1863):

"The vehicle is ornamented with rubies. The eyes of the charger being garnet. The whole is in the chasiest style of fillagree work and is a model of beauty and art."

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