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Period Civil War Pension Ephemera in the "Schmidt Collection" #3 - A Pennsylvania FAther Inquires After His Dead Son

See the 1866 letter below from a father of a deceased soldier in the 84th Pennsylvania Infantry inquiring after a pension for his son by sending a letter to state authorities...his neighbor's story is heartbreaking. The original letter was returned to the father with remarks as noted below. I'd love to hear from anyone who has more details on the mission of the "Pennsylvania Military Agency."

(Original Spelling Maintained Throughout) (Click on graphics for enlargements)

West Dublin (Pennsylvania)
February 10th 1866

Mr Gordon Dear Sir:

I was informed by the assistent agent that the department paid for decesed soldiers in nine or twelve months and as there is now thirteen months past since the death of my son and I have not received eny word from you yet I have thought that you might have written and miscarried I wish you woud drop me a line and let me know how it is.

There is a woman here that would like to know if she is entiteld to a pension or not her husband was drafted in the last draft he reported was examined and was exepted he stayed till the regiment was mustered out and after he left the cars he was not abel to walk home he had to get a man to take him on a horse he tuck his bed the next day after he got home and died in about a week after wards
If you write to me state whither she is entitled to a pension or not.

Yours Truly, Abraham King

Endorsement from Agency (written on letter returned to King):

Penna Mil Agency Feby 1th 66

Respectfully submitted to the 2d Aud (illegible) T'sry Dept for information concerning the within case David King Private Co. C 84th Pa. Vols Died Jany 7th 65 Filed Aug 16th 65

Additional Endorsement:

The within named claim will be taken up for setllement as soon as the muster payroll are received in this office covering the date of death of this soldier
2nd auditor's Office
Feb 17/66


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