Monday, June 28, 2010

Civil War News Reviews "Years of Change and Suffering"!

I'm pleased to announce that The Civil War News published a very kind review of my second book (co-edited with Guy R. Hasegawa, Pharm.D.), Years of Change and Suffering: Modern Perspectives on Civil War Medicine (Edinborough Press, 2009). The review was penned by Richard J. Blumberg in the July 2010 issue, which will be in subscriber's hands soon! Many thanks to Mr. Blumberg and congratulations to all of the authors who contributed to Years of Change!

As with the Civil War News review of my first book, Lincoln's Labels: America's Best Known Brands and the Civil War (Edinborough Press, 2008), this review of Years of Change is special because Civil War News is where I got my writing "bona fides," as I've penned the "Medical Department" column on a regular basis since 2000. CWN editor/publisher Kay Jorgensen (and her late husband, Pete) has been extremely supportive of my writing and research efforts over the years, which I appreciate very much, indeed.

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"Excellent Accounts About Civil War Medicine, Care"

"These essays...serve two very important purposes. First they dispel many of the Hollywood myths about medical care during the Civil War. Second, they provide a comprehensive analysis of subjects not previously covered in other publications.

The articles in this work cover a wide range of topics describing how medical care was administered on both sides during the war. Topics include: inventions and patents, amputations, urological wounds, and the mental and physiological effects of combat on the human body.

Each essay stands alone and describes different aspects of Civil War medicine. However, all of them have one common thread. They underscore the fact that the Civil War was a seminal event for the medical profession.

Considering the variety of topics discussed and the multiple authors involved, the editors did an excellent job editing this collection...This reviewer gives it high marks for anyone having an interest in Civil War medicine."

Thank You to Civil War News and Mr. Blumberg!


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The hardcover and softcover are still available!

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