Friday, June 3, 2011

"Six Feet Under" - Visit to National Museum of Funeral History - #2 - Lincoln Funeral Train

My first post about my visit to the National Museum of Funeral History is here.

In this post, I highlight one of the Museum's special perm
anent exhibits: Presidential Funerals...and my favorite part of the exhibit was the Abraham Lincoln-related displays!

Indeed, the Museum has one of only three scale replicas of the Lincoln Funeral Train crafted by the incomparable Dr. Wayne Wesolowski. You can learn about his funeral train replica project a
t "Abraham Lincoln Online" here and by reading his booklet, The Lincoln Train is Coming, which describes Lincoln's funeral arrangements and the trip from Washington to Springfield.

low are photos of:

The Lincoln Funeral Train Model

Lincoln Lying in State
The Presidential Funerals Wing
The Hearse Used for the Funerals of Presidents Ford and Reagan
omb of the Unknown Soldiers Display

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