Sunday, July 10, 2011

Texas Civil War Museum - Part III - Naval, Ordnance, and Medical

See here for Part I (Soldiers and Civilians) and here for Part II (Flags) of photos from my visit to the Texas Civil War Museum near Fort Worth.

Below are photos of naval, ordnance, and medical items in the collection. Enjoy!

Visitors are viewing the "Naval Hall" of the Museum

Underwater Keg Mine (aka Confederate Torpedo, aka "Infernal Machine") - Rains' barrel type mine recovered during the Civil War from Mobile Bay.

30-lb rifled shell fired from either the USS Harriet Lane or USS Westfield recovered shortly after the January 1, 1863 Battle of Galveston.

U.S. Ketchum 3-lb Hand Grenade

U. S. Model 1841 24-pounder Coehorn Mortar

CSA 6-pounder smoothbore cannon

Handmade wooden leg used by CSA soldier from Virginia

USA Hospital Department Medical Books

Edward R. Squibb, M.D. Ether Tin for Anesthesia

Medical Artifacts Display Cabinet

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