Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy 100th BB-irthday BB-35! (The USS Texas!)

This week marks the 100th "birthday" of BB-35 - the battleship USS Texas!

The "museum ship" is moored in the Houston Ship Channel near La Porte, Texas, and the San Jacinto Battlefield Monument. 

You can learn more about this great ship here:

Wikipedia (here)
U. S. Navy - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (here)
Battleship Texas Foundation - they are hosting a centennial celebration! (here)
Andy Hall at "Dead Confederates" has some great photos of the "bowels" of the ship (here)

As I live north of Houston, I have had the great pleasure of visiting the ship at least three or four times over the past several years and I happily share my photos of the ship as well as archival photos.

Happy Birthday, USS Texas!


Mark said...

There is something fascinating about those old time battleships...if only biplanes hadn't made them obsolete;)

Jim Schmidt said...

Mark - you are so right! You just can't imagine the scale until you see these big ships in person. I 've also seen the USS Lexington carrier at Corpus Christi. I hope they'll do a great navy film some day with the big guns blazing!