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1858 Catalogue - Dr. Asher Atkinson's Universal Family Medicines

1858 A. D. Atkinson Catalogue (Collection of James M. Schmidt)
A recent edition to my patent medicine ephemera collection is this terrific 1858 Catalogue of Dr. Asher Atkinson's Universal Family Medicines.  

Notice, though, that in his catalogue, Dr. Atkinson places himself inthe botanist/homeopathic school and disparages "patent medicines" and "quack medicines."

I haven;t been able to find much biographical information on our Dr. Atkinson, apart from a few 1850s newspaper and magazine advertisements.

Although the booklet (12 pages) is for Atkinson's "Universal Family Medicines" you could also call these 12 pages a Universe of Family Medicines (!) for I count no less than twenty (20!) different named preparations!


A. D. Atkinson Catalog - James M. Schmidt Collection
Diuretic Tincture
Anti-Dyspeptic Bitters
Fever and Ague Mixture
Anti-Dropsical Bitters
Compound Extract of Roots (for Root Beer)
Rheumatic Liniment
Bowel Complaint Syrup
Ladies' Strengthening Cordial
(Ladies') Emmenangogue Bitters
Nervine Tincture
Discutient Ointment
Pile Ointment
Ladies' Relief Cord1858 ial
Alkaline Carminitive
American Anti-Bilious Purgative Pills
Diluent Alterative Purifier
Tonic Pectoral Syrup

and my personal favorite:

Balsam of Horehound

Of special note is the 4-page insert for Atkinson's Chirayta Bitters:

For the bottle collectors out there, this is apparently a "rare bird."  I did find a few images on auction or expert collector websites:

Jeff Noordsy Antiques (http://www.jeffnholantiquebottles.com/webpages/ItemMK20.html)

Skinner Auctioneers (http://www.skinnerinc.com/asp/fullCataloguese.asp?salelot=2290+++++738B&refno=++590757)

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Mark said...

Medicines is def fascinating and important. I often look up stuff with regards to other material as well, i.e. ammo and clothes, and it's always got some neat nuggets of info:)