Monday, November 26, 2012

Front Line" Post #4 for The Civil War Monitor

As part of their online presence, the terrific magazine, The Civil War Monitor, has a community blog they've named "The Front Line." Terry Johnston, Editor-in-Chief of the Monitor, kindly invited me to join that community when he launched the magazine and I have been posting there on subjects of interest to me and (hopefully!) interesting to you!

My fourth "Front Line" post (here) is up on the Monitor website today:

"Not Since the Days of William the Conqueror" - Anti-War Democrats of Ohio in their Own Words

The post describes the contents of a series of ten letters in my own collection to and from Thomas B. Cox, Jr., of Ohio, from 1860 through 1864, that shed light on the thoughts of anti-war Democrats in the Buckeye State.  It is one thing to read about Copperhead sentiment during the war years; it’s quite another to hold actual letters, read the words, and sense (and interpret) the anger and venom expressed over Lincoln's war policy.  The post includes excerpts from these previously unpublished letters.

The Monitor's new "Blog and Social Media Editor," Robert Poister, has picked up the reigns from Laura June Davis, and is doing an equally amazing job as Laura at keeping the site updated and dynamic...You will want to visit the Monitor website (here) often as there is always new content!

You can also keep up with them on Facebook (here) or Twitter (here).


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Mark said...

Great post:) I've always meant to read the Monitor more.