Wednesday, July 8, 2009

James Durney at TOCWOC Reviews Lincoln's Labels!

I want to thank James Durney for posting a very kind review of my first book, Lincoln's Labels: America's Best Known Brands and the Civil War, on Brett Schulte's very popular TOCWOC blog today. James is a Top500 amazon reviewer (and a fellow Facebooker!) and does us authors a great favor by cross-posting his reviews on the other online booksellers as well, which requires a good amount of time on his part.


"Books on logistics tend to be about as much fun to read as watching the grass grow...[but] the response of companies to the demands of a major war is important. This is a complex and compelling story of companies balancing government contracts with their normal customers...Until reading “Lincoln’s Labels”, I did not think it possible for a book about war production to be informative and fun.

"Each chapter covers a company that supplied the Union armies during the Civil War and is still in business. This forms an instant connection with the war and the reader...The author links each of these companies to the American Civil War, how they responded and profited. In place of a lengthy dry tome, we have a lively history of the company during the war.

"Each company has a chapter. This allows the author to concentrate our attention in one industry with almost no distractions. Sufficient background information is provided for the reader to grasp the industry specific issues caused by the war. The balance of the chapter is an easy to read, informative history..."

I am so happy - and humbled - at James' kind review and I can tell that he "got" it, that is, he identified - and appreciated - the mission of the book. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks, James!

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