Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Years of Change and Suffering" BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!

To celebrate the release of the softcover edition of Years of Change and Suffering: Modern Perspectives on Civil War Medicine (Edinborough Press...hardcover still available!) and to celebrate passing 500 fans on the book's Facebook page, we've been offering excerpts from the book for the past week ( here!).


Just leave a comment on this blog post...on the book's Facebook page...or by e-mail (schmidtjamesm at gmail dot com) by answering this question:

Tell us your favorite Civil War medicine-related story (50 words or less!)!

It could be about:

  • Your favorite Civil War medical personality (nurse, surgeon, etc.)
  • A medical-related event that happened to your ancestor during the war
  • Your favorite medical invention from the war
  • The most important medical advance during the war (in your opinion!)
  • Your favorite book about Civil War medicine (besides "Years of Change"!)
You get the idea!

You have until the end of Sunday (12am CDT 26 April 2010)...The winner will be announced on Monday...The winner gets a free softcover copy of Years of Change and Suffering!

Put those thinking caps on and have fun!


Sandra K321 said...

I think every little girl when I was in elementary school wanted to grow up and be like Clara Barton.

Susan said...

I remember reading about a civil war doctor Mary Edwards Walker, she was a person to be admired.