Thursday, July 22, 2010

Civil War Letter from the "Schmidt Collection" - 1861 Letter from DC Hospital

A nice, cheerful 1861 letter from a soldier (C. Lyon, regiment unknown) written to friends and family from the U.S. Hospital in Georgetown, DC. on lovely patriotic stationery!

U.S. Hospital
Georgetown DC

Sunday Dec 1, 1861

Dear Friends at Home

As there are several of you there I tak
e the privilege of addressing you all at the same time. Your very kind letters have all arrived and in return for these many favors I must say I am very thankful indeed and my hope is that they may continue (At least until I am out of the hospital). Think not by this that I do not receive good attention and care for such is not the case; still it is not an agreeable place to be.

I wrote to you about a week since that I was gaining. Since then I have had a sort of pull back occasioned perhaps by a little impudence of mine but I am now gaining faster than ever. I received a letter the other day containing a word from Louisa, my father and (illegible) by which I learned Louisa had arrived agai
n in (illegible) How I would like to be there and have a good time with you all but this is next to impossible.

I was agreeable surprised the other day to see an old neighbor in the person of Mr. John Hall. It seems good to see a person direct from home.

Those things you sent to me will be just what I shall need when I recover (illegible) the clothing as it will be cold wintry weather by that time.

The fruit was very nice. I had the peaches cooked yesterday they are good and taste quite natural.

The weather here is pleasant but the air continues to grow cold and we shall soon have snow. I am getting tired and close but not without expressing the wish
to hear again from you all as often as convenient.

I remain as ever yours and etc.

C _ Lyon

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Richard said...

Good stuff. I like the story of the "common" soldiers and letters like this one are always great insights into the lives of the common soldier, especially one who was ill or wounded. Very enjoyable