Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Thriller With Civil War Connection - "Cold Glory" - Book Giveaway!

When the first page of a shocking Civil War-era document is unearthed in Oklahoma, history professor Nick Journey is called in to evaluate the find--and is promptly attacked by two men armed with Special Forces weapons.

Federal agent Meg Tolman's investigation into Journey's attack uncovers more troubling questions than answers. She soon finds herself joining Journey's cross-country quest to recover and protect the missing pages.

A shadowy group, the Glory Warriors, have been desperately searching for this explosive document to legitimize what is nothing less than a military coup. After their first attempt to steal it from Journey fails, they follow him, knowing that he holds the key to uncovering the long-lost papers.

They also set their plan into motion and begin assassinating key political figures. As the country plunges into chaos, Journey and Tolman search frantically for the remaining pages. And the Glory Warrior operatives are hot on their trail….

That is the publisher's description for what appears to be a thrilling modern story with significant Civil War connections!

What's more, the author - B. Kent Anderson - is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, just like...ME!

You can learn more about Anderson and the book at his website, here, and an interactive map with photos, links, and more information about many of the book’s settings, here.

Thanks to the kind folks like Alexis Saarela, Anderson's publicity manager at Tor/Forge, I have a free handsome hard cover of Cold Glory to give away on this blog. Just e-mail me at schmidtjamesm at gmail dot com if you are interested and I will get back to will have to agree to write a short review of the book as a guest blog post.

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