Monday, October 6, 2008

Lincoln's Labels - Civil War Talk Radio Summary

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be Dr. Gerry Prokopowicz's guest on last Friday's installment of "Civil War Talk Radio." If you didn't get a chance to listen "live" last Friday, you can still listen to the archived (10/03/08) broadcast here. It's split into three 20-minute segments (I'm best taken in small doses anyway).

Gerry was a gracious host, asked some great questions, and I can't express how heartened I am that he saw some real merit in Lincoln's Labels as a contribution to the literature on the Civil War.

Brett Schulte - over at the "TOCWOC" blog - has posted a really nice summary of the program.

If any readers of this blog listened to the program, I'd sure like your feedback and questions you may have!


Anonymous said...

You sounded great Jim. It was an excellent interview ans I learned even more than I did from your great book.

Jim Schmidt said...

Mike - Thanks! It was great fun and I am certainly mindful of the privilege of being on the show, considering the choices he has to make. He asked some great questions and I'm so heartened that he saw real historical merit in the book.

I'm writing from Dallas tonight. Had a super time at the CWRT meeting. What a wonderful group. they asked some great questions as well

Thanks Again!