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November 10th - Houston History Book Fair & Symposium!

It's my great pleasure to provide details below (and hyperlinks to authors and their books) about the 3rd Annual Houston History Book Fair & Symposium, this coming Saturday, November 10, 2012!

From the excellent Bayou City History Blog (penned regularly by J. R. Gonzalez) of the Houston Chronicle:

Reading Room - Ideson Building - Houston Public Library
The third annual Houston History Book Fair & Symposium will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Julia Ideson Building, 500 McKinney.

Organized by Houston Arts and Media and Story Sloane’s Gallery, about two dozen authors of regional history will be on hand selling and signing their books and meeting with attendees. The authors will also be speaking about their work during a series of lectures throughout the day.

There will also be a special block of time Saturday morning devoted to local history for children. Houston’s former first lady, Andrea White, will speak about her book “The Very Long Life of Alice’s Playhouse: A Survivor’s Story.” Children’s artist Leah White will perform songs from her preservation-minded CD, “Our Roots Are Strong,” and Houston’s top historian, Betty Chapman, will discuss a children’s activity book that teaches preservation.

The Houston History Book Fair & Symposium is sponsored in part by the Houston Club and University of Houston’s Hobby Center for Public Policy. Sponsorship helps keep the event free to the public.

 I am so pleased to be among the authors and speakers!  I'll be there with all four of my books (Lincoln's Labels, Years of Change and Suffering, Notre Dame and the Civil War, and Galveston and the Civil War).  I'll be talking about the role of yellow fever in Galveston during the Civil War at 2:30pm in the Auditorium.

Dozens of local history books available
Meet the Authors
Get your books autographed
Door prizes

Different authors will speak about their books every half hour.

A list of just some of the great authors and books is provided below!

Speakers in Auditorium

10:30 – Sylvia Dickey Smith (A War of Her Own)

11:00 - Lucinda Freeman (Historic Houston: How to See It)

11:30 - Chuck Parsons (Texas Rangers)

12:00 - Ed Cotham (Multiple Texas Civil War Titles)

12:30 - Kate Kirkland (Captain James Baker of Houston)

1:00 - David Bush/Jim Parsons (Houston Deco)

1:30 - Anna Mod (Building Modern Houston)

2:00 - Steven Fenberg (Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones)

2:30 - Jim Schmidt (Multiple Civil War Titles)

3:00 - Naomi Carrier (Go Down, Old Hannah)

3:30 - Mike Vance (Houston's Sporting Life)

Speakers in Reading Room

10:30 - Tom Kreneck (Del Pueblo: Houston's Hispanics)

11:00 - Al Mitchell (Texas City)

11:30 - Ronnie Crocker (Houston Beer History)

12:00 - Tom Kennedy (Houston Police Department)

12:30 - Michael Swanson (The Angel Baby)

1:00 - Ann Becker (River Oaks)

1:30 - Andy Hall (Houston/Galveston Steamboats)

2:00 - Joan Upton Hall (Just Visitin': Old Texas Jails)

2:30 - Frank Chalfant (Galveston: Island of Chance)

3:00 - Story Sloane (Houston in the 1920s and 30s)

3:30 - Kasey French (Honoring Olivewood)

Speakers in Tudor Gallery

Children's History Session Starting at 10:30

Andrea White (The Very Long Life of Alice's Playhouse)
Leah White (Our Roots are Strong CD)
Betty Chapman ( Children's Activity Book on Preservation )

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